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... I hold the truths expressed in the thirteen Ani Maamins to be so deeply rooted that I will live with them every moment of my life, through light and dark, joy and sorrow.”

They are the basis of our beliefs; indeed, the very basis of our lives. They appear in our siddurim, and many of us recite them every day after tefillah. And yet ... do we truly understand what the 13 Ikarei Emunah, the 13 fundamentals of faith, really mean? More: Do we understand what they mean in our own everyday lives and actions? In this thoughtful and beautifully presented book, R’ Yechezkel Elias examines each of the 13 Ikarei Emunah -- the iconic “Ani Maamins.” Using contemporary examples that we can all understand and relate to, he makes the often difficult concepts contained in the 13 Ikarim clear, comprehensible -- and very, very relevant. Each Ikar is followed by a section titled How does this affect my daily life?, which shows us how to put these foundational beliefs into practice in our own lives. Emunah, hashgachah, miracles and nature, rachamim and din, the concept of prayer, how to truly long for Mashiach -- we will find all these vital concepts in these 13 short declarations of faith. So often we declare Hashem Echad, Hashem is One - Do we know what that really means? If Hashem knows what’s best for us, why do we daven for things we wish we had? This is a book that will open our hearts and minds -- and our eyes -- to the depth and beauty of Torah thought. And we will discover that these 13 Ikarim, these 13 declarations of faith, have in them the power to transform our very lives.


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